Top 10 All-Terrain Wheelchairs Reviews In 2020

With all the latest innovations incorporated into wheelchairs, people are no longer limited to where they can go. Before these new innovations, people could only travel across certain types of terrain, leaving them left out of fun activities and situations due to a poorly functioning wheelchair. However, now you can invest in an all-terrain chair that allows you to move effortlessly across uneven ground and explore anywhere you want. If you’re looking for that perfect all-terrain chair, check out our top 10 all-terrain wheelchairs.

10. Folding Electric Wheelchair

Folding Electric Wheelchair

This folding electric wheelchair is an all-terrain chair that’s suitable for traveling all types of terrain including pavement, mud, ramps, snow, and more. It has an ergonomically designed joystick that has one-handed operation for a smooth, hassle-free ride. Due to its one-handed operation, you have one free hand that you can use to stop your wheelchair using the hand brake lever. As an all-terrain wheelchair, portability is important, which is why this chair folds easily without disassembly and it fits inside most suitcases.


  • Anti-Leaning Rear Design For Stability
  • Waterproof Joystick
  • Ultra-Light Lithium Battery For Extended Travel
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction

9. QBYLYF All-Terrain Chair

QBYLYF All-Terrain Chair

The QBYLYF all-terrain chair Features 24-inch rear wheels designed to perform better over uneven terrain when compared to a standard wheelchair. This lightweight, aluminum alloy wheelchair has anti-tilt brackets, a hydraulic system, and a 360-degree universal joystick that provides effortless, safe, and secure operation in the roughest conditions. For added comfort, this wheelchair has a removable seat and back that’s easy to clean and helps prevent bedsores and spinal deformations.


  • Reverse Voice Prompt
  • Manual and Electric Mode
  • 320W – 2PC Brushless Motor
  • Raised Armrests and Foldable Foot Pedals

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8. Lightweight Foldup Electric Wheelchair

Lightweight Foldup Electric Wheelchair

This lightweight fold-up electric wheelchair has a carbon steel frame with a 330-pound weight capacity that makes it suitable for the elderly, disabled, and rehabilitation patients. It has 14-inch rear tires and 12-inch front tires that are wear-resistant and anti-skidding for easier and safer travel across rough terrain. For added safety, this wheelchair has an electronic and hand braking system to assist on up and downhill inclines, and a 360-degree, one-handed joystick for effortless maneuvering. Plus, this wheelchair folds up in seconds to fit inside most trunks for maximum portability.


  • Manual and Electric Mode
  • Anti-Slip and Stab-Resistant Tires
  • Reclinable Backrest and Adjustable Headrest
  • Anti-Flip Technology

7. 2020 Electric Wheelchair

2020 Electric Wheelchair

The 2020 electric wheelchair Features an alloy grade carbon steel frame that makes it lightweight, durable, and requires zero maintenance. The frame folds down to fit inside most small-sized trunks within seconds, and it’s airplane and cruise travel approved. In addition, this wheelchair has 8-inch front wheels and a 360-degree joystick that allows you to maneuver into tight spaces or glide over uneven terrain with ease. Plus, its anti-leaning rear design prevents you from tipping over on rough terrain, making it stable and safe for all types of travel.


  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Built-in Seatbelt
  • Quick Stop Lever
  • Removable Backrest and Seat For Cleaning

6. Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro Electric Wheelchair

Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro Electric Wheelchair

The Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro Electric wheelchair Features two 250-watt brushless motors that give you the torque you need to travel across rough terrain, hills, or steep inclines. For better traction and control, this wheelchair also Features 13-inch rear wheels, one-finger Sensi-touch joystick, and 8-inch puncture-free front tires. All of which help you navigate into tight spaces and move in all directions for even the smallest turning radius. Plus, this wheelchair has an adjustable height, extra-padded seats, and a plus backrest for superior comfort all day long.


  • 2-Year Motor Warranty
  • 1-Year Controller and Battery Warranty
  • Folds Down in Seconds
  • Has Neutral or Freewheel Option

5. Medline Strong and Sturdy Wheelchair

Medline Strong and Sturdy Wheelchair

The Medline Strong and Sturdy wheelchair feature a tig-welded frame that can withstand rigorous use and a weight capacity of 300-pounds. Its mag wheels and fast powered movements allow you to cruise smoothly over any surface. Additionally, the locking hand brake allows you to park safely on inclines and hills with confidence. More so, this chair folds up in under 5-seconds for easy storage and transport.


  • Desk Length Padded Arm Rests
  • Swing Away Foot Rests
  • Comfortable Nylon Back and Seat
  • Flat Free Tires

4. Drive Medical Rebel Wheelchair

Drive Medical Rebel Wheelchair

The Drive Medical Rebel Wheelchair is lightweight and maneuverable making it easier to navigate into tight spaces and over uneven terrain. This easy to transport wheelchair gives you the freedom to go anywhere with its fold-down back and folding frame. More so, this chair Features desk style armrests that give you better accessibility and a larger seating area for maximum comfort.


  • Push to Lock Wheel Brakes
  • 300-Pound Weight Capacity
  • Quick Release Rear Wheels
  • 19.5-Inch Seat to Floor Height

3. Medline Transport Chair

Medline Transport Chair

The Medline Transport Chair has an aluminum powder coated frame that folds down to fit into any standard size trunk. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver without sacrificing durability, and it has a 300-pound weight capacity. Plus, its 8-inch front and rear wheels allow you to navigate into tight spaces and travel across all types of terrain including brick, pavement, snow, grass, and mud.


  • Seatbelt
  • Full-Length Armrest
  • Detachable Foot Pedals
  • Extra Large 19-inch by 6-Inch Seat

2. Nova Lightweight Transport Chair

Nova Lightweight Transport Chair

The Nova transport chair has 8-inch front wheels and 12-inch rear wheels for navigating through rough terrain, and a lightweight aluminum frame from maximum performance and durability. It also Features locking hand brakes to control speed and for parking on steep inclines, hills, or other types of uneven surfaces. Moreover, this chair has anti-tipping brackets, a built-in seatbelt, and a secondary wheel lock for added security.


  • 300-Pound Weight Capacity
  • Removeable and Flip-up Armrest
  • Folds Down For Easy Transport
  • Removable and Locking Foot Pedals

1. Hi-Fortune Wheelchair

Hi-Fortune Wheelchair

The Hi-Fortune All Terrain Wheelchair Features a magnesium alloy frame that makes it lightweight without sacrificing durability. It has larger rear wheels for maneuvering over uneven terrain and small front tires for fitting into tight spaces like kitchens or bathrooms. More so, this wheelchair has a quick release hinge that allows you to fold down the chair and place it into a trunk or suitcase for easy transport.


  • Padded Armrests
  • Swing Away Leg Bars
  • Travel Bag and Extra Seat Cushion Included
  • Weighs Only 21-Pounds

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