Top 10 Best Hunting Knife With Gut Hook Reviews In 2020

When it comes to the hunter’s tools, a good hunting knife that is affordable and serves a multi-purpose function is of the essence. It should be able to skin, cut with ease, split the rib cages, butcher, and even tear through the long bones. Choosing the best knife qualifies you to enjoy your hunting experience. It is worth noting that knives change from the kind of game you are hunting. That is among the many reasons that we compiled this article to show you the top 10 best hunting knife with a gut hook.

10. Elk Ridge Hunting Knife


The Elk Ridge Knife is one companion you would want to bring along on your hunting adventure. The knife has a green ABS synthetic polymer handle which gives an excellent grip even with wet hands. The two set stainless blade knife comes at a good price especially if you are on a budget. The 6-1/2-inch gut knife has a finger hole that allows you to control your knife perfectly. The gut knife comes along with the 7-inch stainless skinning knife and a dual black nylon carrying case. The knife weighs 11.4 ounces which makes it very light and convenient for you.

Advantages Of Product

  • Comfy grip meaning it does not slip from your hands when skinning making it a swift process.
  • Safe to carry around because of the sheath so you can pack it in your hunting pack with no worries.
  • You are able to control the hunting knife extensively due to the existence of a finger hole.
  • Perfect for skinning since it is exceptionally sharp.

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9. Yes4All Stainless Camping Steel Knife


Imagine starting a fire in the middle of the night in your hunting or camping trip maybe to keep warm or warm some water. Pretty cool! Right? Well, this is the fire starter you have been looking for. It boasts of a Pakkawood forefinger groove handle which prevents your fingers from slipping. The handle does not only provide a solid grip but it is also heat- resistant and waterproof which makes it durable. The 420 stainless blade is versatile perfect for all your hunting adventures since it has a gut hook, thick sharpened edges and saw teeth perfect for cutting a rope. The black carrying nylon sheath makes it safe to carry and also preserve the knife.

Advantages Of Product

  • The knife is durable so you don’t have to worry about buying another one.
  • It is light in weight, weighs about 11.2 ounces which makes it convenient for you to use and also carry around.
  • Anti-slip thus offers excellent grip even with slimy hands.
  • Safe to carry because of the sheath.

8. Elk Ridge ER-059 Series Hunting Knife


The ER-059 Elk series knife looks like a piece of art when you have it. It is beautifully crafted and has an attractive finish with the maple wood handle with a lanyard end. It comes with a brown carrying sheath that goes well with the handle. The 2.75-inch 420 stainless blade is as light as a feather with an overall weight of 0.6 ounces and an overall length of 7 inches.

Advantages Of Product

  • Beautifully crafted feels like a piece of art.
  • The knife has a nice balance because it is light in weight.
  • Safe to carry around because of the sheath.
  • The knife is sharp helping you skin the animal swiftly.

7. Buck Gut Hook Hunter’s Knife


Ever had a knife that gives you a hunting feel or a knife that makes you look forward to the next hunting trip? If the answer is no, here is the knife for you. The Guthook 420HC steel blade knife is resistant to corrosion and has nice edge retention. The knife has a solid grip because of the dynaflex synthetic rubber handle it comes with. The gut hook knife is 9.75 inches in length and weighs 7.8 ounces.

Advantages Of Product

  • It is light in weight making it perfect for all outdoor gaming activities.
  • Safe for you to carry around because of the black carrying sheath.
  • The knife has a solid grip thus does not slip easily.
  • It comes at an affordable cost especially if you are on a tight economical budget.

6. The Gerber Myth Hunting Tool


Have you been looking for a knife with an innovative touch? Well, this is it! The Myth Series lightweight knife weighs only 4.9 ounces. It boasts of a 3.75” carbon stainless blade coated with titanium nitride which reduces friction thus does not wear easily making it durable. The dual locking sheath makes it safe to carry and also preserve the knife. The hunting knife has a typical length of 8.5 inches complete with a roughly-textured rubber handle that offers a perfect solid grip when on your palms.

Advantages Of Product

  • The knife is sharp thus perfect for field dressing.
  • Well-designed carrying sheath perfect for knife preservation.
  • It is light in weight making it convenient to carry in your hunting adventure.
  • Solid grip thus does not slip from your hand easily.



The Elk Ridge product gets to clinch the number 5 position in the top 10 best hunting knife with gut hook reviews in 2018. The two knives are beautifully crafted with a protective camo coating. One has a V-shaped hook while the other is a normal blade. The fixed knife measures approximately 22 cm while the folding knife measures approximately 13 cm. Both have a stainless steel blade of 440. The fixed blade has a thickness of 4 mm while the folding blade has a thickness of 3 mm.

Advantages Of Product

  • It comes as a pair which makes it very affordable and for long-term use. This also helps save on the cost of buying another one.
  • It has sturdy blades which are strong and sharp making them cut game meat with ease
  • It is so beautiful making it be a pretty gift for a game lover or hunter.

4. The CASE CUTLERY 00517 375-4Gss Hunting Knife


The Case cutlery is a very sharp hunting knife made of a durable leather handle. This makes it exceptional from other products. It comes with an unlimited warranty that assures the buyers of the client support from the manufacturer. It has a gut hook which makes the knife best for skinning, cutting through rough meat and great as a survival tool.

Advantages Of Product

  • This product is affordable and up to the tasks if you have a tight budget.
  • It is very sharp hence makes game meat preparation easier
  • Has a leather handle which doubles the grip when on your palm
  • Very beautiful which makes it sell as a gift.



This is a 3-piece set hunting knife by the famous cutlery company Elk Ridge. It presents itself from the store with a dagger-structured knife, a gut hook solid blade and a saw teethed blade. Their handles are neatly made with hard durable plastic. The Knives holster is small but fits in all the three knives perfectly allowing for ease when carrying them.

Advantages Of Product

  • It has 3 knives at an affordable price that serve a multi-purpose function.
  • The 3 knives are very sharp allowing for efficient and time sparing work.
  • The 3 set combo reduces your chances of buying another blade. This saves on your budget.
  • The saw has a very ergonomic handle which offers exceptional service

2. Kershaw LoneRock Folding Gut Hook Knife


The Kershaw Lonerock knife is a sharp compact tool for a smooth hunting experience. The knife is coated with a carbo-nitride compound which protects the 3.5 stainless steel blade from the outdoor harsh weather. The Lonerock feature called the K-texture enhances the grip when held allowing for smooth skinning. The C shaped gutting hook is designed to enhance skinning and butchering.

Advantages Of Product

  • It is durable and compact hence reducing the chances of buying another knife.
  • The K-texture allows you to have the perfect grip when handling your prey.
  • The gut hook is advantageous since it allows for better skinning and faster penetrating inside organs.
  • It is beautiful and acts as a perfect gift for your game friend.



This tops the list in 2018 becoming the best-featured hunting knife. One of its unique features is the wooden handle. It makes it look classic, traditional and trendy. The stainless steel fixed blade is approximately 22 cm in length. The V-shaped hook is best for skinning and running through the deep meat. It has a lightweight of 8.8 oz.

Advantages Of Product

  • The knife is very sharp which enables it to cut through meat effortlessly
  • The hook enables it to serve a multi-purpose role in the hunting expeditions.
  • It is very affordable noting its expensive features.
  • Has a durable leather sheath
  • The wooden handle allows for enhanced grip on the palms


In summary, the above hunting knives will help take your hunting adventure to a whole new level. We managed to summarize in detail the top 10 best-hunting knives of 2018. This detailed article will help you discover the best of the qualities that a hunting knife deserves and what that makes a knife be listed as the best.

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