Top 10 Car Seats Covers Baby Winter Reviews In 2020

Having a car seat for your little one is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Gone are the days when a car seat was only viewed as a protective gear for your little ones to use when on board; they are now also considered an aesthetic addition to your car. A great car seat is one that comes reinforced with strong, durable covers; the very covers that actually add to the comfort and protection of your baby. The following is a rundown of the top 10 car seat covers.

10. Sho Cute – [Reversible] Carseat-Canopy


This 100% cotton canopy cover has a peek-a-boo window so your baby gets extra ventilation. You can conveniently interact with your baby while keeping him covered and warm. This comes in reversible cute patterns with fashionable print. There are loops in the interior so you can hang car seat accessories or toys for the baby’s entertainment. The adjustable window positions the product comes in makes it easier for it to safely wrap around your baby’s car seat. The easy-to-secure product also comes with a gift box and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The only notable drawbacks to the product are the cotton material that easily sheds off. The material also makes the product unsuitable for rain or snow.

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9. Stretchy Multi-Use Carseat-Canopy


This fashionable car seat canopy is made of machine-washable fabric. It’s available in different designs with cute prints. One major benefit users like about the product is its multiple functionalities, in that you can use it as a car seat cover, nursing cover, high seat cover, and more. It’s made of premium quality fabric that is not only soft and safe but also one that stays in place when you slip it on. You can easily adjust and manipulate it so that you can cover whatever area needs protection for your baby. You can easily peek and check on how your baby is doing. However, there are a few complaints to the effect that the print design makes it look old when stretched, not to mention it has no buttons or zippers

8. Nursing Breastfeeding Cover-Scarf – Baby Car-Seat Canopy


This multi-use cover serves a lot of functions. You can use it as a sunshade during summer or as a poncho while you’re breastfeeding. Aside from the fact that it offers full coverage, the soft and breathable fabric lets in a lot of air; you won’t need to worry about ventilation for your baby. The design is stylish and the material is very stretchy so it can be used to cover almost anything. The product is easy to use and offers multiple functions. It is excellent as a nursing cover, it also works great as an infinity shawl. Some users complain that the material is too lightweight and that its small size is not suitable for bigger-sized car seats.

7. Baby Car-Seat Canopy & Multi-Use Nursing-Cover


This versatile car seat canopy has multiple uses and is easy to use too. You can use it to cover your baby while in the car seat or stroller, and you can use it to cover yourself to nurse in private. It gives you full coverage when you’re nursing so your sides won’t show. Great to use as baby covers whether they’re on their high seat or riding the shopping cart. The product features a piece of soft fabric and fashionable design, and also comes in matching bags for those too attentive to such details. However, its lightweight design and lack of adjustable covers make it less appealing among some users.

6. Stretchy Baby Car-Seat Covers For-Boys Girls


This grey and the white car seat cover is made of stretch fabric and comes with a space-saver pouch for easy storage. This model is slightly bigger than the black-and-white version so it can fit in more car seat models. Its stretchy material and adjustable opening make it easy to slip on and off, plus it comes with four snaps to keep it in place. You can easily check how the baby is doing through the peep window. Last but not least, it comes in a material that’s easy to wash and dry. Aside from the fact that it is not too thick, another common complaint is the difficulty experienced in attaching it to strollers.

5. Stretchy Baby Car-Seat Covers For-Boys Girls


This black-and-white baby car seat cover in stretch fabric has an adjustable opening. It comes with a mesh cover that can help protect your baby from insects. The adjustable opening with dual zippers makes it easy to put the baby in and out of the car seat. It comes with a carrying pouch, so if you need to store it, just fold it and keep it in the pouch. The fabric is thick enough for maximum protection. The fact that it lacks holes at the sides means your little one can stay warm as long as reasonably possible. Though the mesh cover occasionally slides out of the pouch and the buttons will get undone at times, there aren’t any major drawbacks to this car seat cover.

4. Premium Carseat-Canopy Cover and Nursing-Cover


This canopy-style car seat cover has a peek-a-boo cover that snaps around the handle. The peek-a-boo design makes it easy for parents to check on their sleeping babies without having to remove the cover totally. It can be easily removed and used as an emergency nursing blanket. The cover is thick enough for maximum warmth. There are clasps that keep the cover in place, which makes it great for protecting your baby from being exposed to the elements and great for covering your baby when visiting the doctor. The only challenge you will experience is in relation to its size that doesn’t work well with other fairly larger car seats.

3. Jolly-Jumper Arctic-Sneak-A-Peek Car-Seat Cover


This infant car seat cover comes with an attached blanket for extra warmth. Shaped to swaddle the baby, this seat cover is great for newborns. It has dual zippers so it’s easy to get your baby in and out of the cover. The thick fleece lining not only keeps the baby warm, but it’s also water repellant so your baby is protected even when it’s raining. However, the cover only comes in one size (10.3 x 7.6 x 5.1 inches), and this size is way too small for most car seats. Also, the top rests on the baby’s face and the zipper positioning is not optimal. Aside from these, it is a great seat cover for those looking for extra warmth as well as ease of access to your baby.

2. Cozy-Cover – Infant Car-Seat Cover


This infant car seat cover has an elasticized edge which lets you fit it around your infant carrier. It has a backless design and a breathable pullover flap that keeps the baby’s face warm while the velcro strip keeps it up when you’re inside the car or indoors. The Cozy Cover uses strong elastics so it stays in place well. The double zipper makes it easy to access your baby. Also, the cover fits like a shower cap so you won’t have to worry about it possibly becoming detached from the seat. However, just like many reviewed above, the cover is too short for other car seats.

1. Jj Cole-Original Bundleme, Infant-Black


This machine-washable car seat cover for babies comes in two sizes. The infant size (26”) is great for babies 20lbs or lighter, while the toddler size (35”) can fit most 1-3-year-olds. It is great for infants and for toddlers. It has multiple uses; you can use it on car seats, strollers, and even joggers. The thick material makes it great even for really cold weather. It’s made of 100% polyester so it’s really safe for babies. The cover features adjustable elastic straps and it is fairly easy to unzip the top. The only con to the product is that it is not waterproof.


There are so many choices for baby car seat covers available in the market today. Before buying one, make sure to consider not just the design or print, but also check the size and material. As a general rule, note that it all comes down to your personal preferences.

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