Top 8 Ceramic Frying Pan Reviews In 2019

Did you know the quality of the cookware you have at home dictates the quality of the food you prepare? Pots and frying pans made from low-quality materials, for instance, often leech dangerous chemicals into food. Others heat up unevenly, which compromises the taste and texture of the food that people prepare. To improve the quality of the food you prepare every day, replace worn out pans with durable ceramic ones. This is a non-reactive material. It does not compromise the taste or nutritional value of food as some low-grade metals often do. Moreover, because of its good energy transfer, ceramic-coated pans cook fast and efficiently. The following eight brands are also durable and highly dependable

List Of Ceramic Frying Pan Reviews

8. COOKER KING Ceramic Pans

COOKER KING Ceramic Pans

In the past, the high cost of ceramic pans discouraged people from using them at home. This has changed. Many reputable brands are available on a budget with the COOKER KING standing out. Each package consists of three pans (8, 10, 12 inches), coated with an FDA-=approved ceramic. This POFA-free material does not release toxic fumes when heated to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. The material is also cadmium and PFAS free and has a naturally non-stick surface that is suitable for frying and searing. COOKER KING pans have a warp proof base (aluminum) and sturdy stainless steel handles that do not tarnish, stain, or rust over time. They last for years.


  • Naturally non-stick pans (three)
  • FDA-approved ceramic
  • Stable at 480 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Warp-proof aluminum base
  • Riveted (dual) stainless steel handles
  • Oven and dishwasher safe pans
  • POFA and cadmium-free

7. Calphalon Classic Ceramic Set

Calphalon Classic Ceramic Set

Pans are among the most used cookware in homes. During breakfast, we use them to prepare omelets for breakfast. They are also suitable for searing or frying meats and vegetables on a daily basis. This classic two-piece set from Calphalon can handle such jobs efficiently. Their grey/white themes stand out from afar. Moreover, made from hard-anodized aluminum, their oven-safe designs can withstand heat up to 450 F without warping. You can cook in them daily without their ceramic coating cracking and or chipping or their stainless steel handles rusting. Calphalon Classic pans are safe for beginners and professional chefs for two reasons. First, their handles remain cool to touch on most stovetops. Their wide brims contain splashes of hot oil well.


  • Cast stainless steel handle
  • PFOA-free ceramic coating
  • Heavy-duty aluminum base
  • Withstands 450 F temperatures

6. CONCORD Ceramic Coated–Copper

CONCORD Ceramic Coated–Copper

The combination of copper and creaming is an excellent one for pans. Even though copper is not as durable as aluminum, its efficiency has attracted it praise for years. With CONCORD, you get the safety of ceramic as well. The three pans that you get have a healthy coat of ceramic that is beneficial in three ways. First, it is both eco-friendly and healthy. Whilst frying, you will not worry about PFOE or BPA seeping into your meats or vegetables. The material is also non-stick. Even whilst cooking on high heat, the risk of your food sticking and burning is low. Finally, its low-maintenance design makes these pans suitable for day-to-day cooking. You can clean then easily after cooking without scratching or tarnishing their surfaces of steel handles.


  • Polished handles (stainless steel)
  • Efficient copper base
  • Healthy ceramic coating
  • Chemical-free surfaces
  • Different sizes (8.5, 9.5, and 12 inches)

5. Almond Ceramic Copper Pan

Almond Ceramic Copper Pan

Everybody needs a versatile frying pan for cooking on a day-to-day basis. To own an efficient ceramic one that withstands abuse well, look for Almond. Its round 12-inch design is spacious. People with small to medium-sized families find it enjoyable to use. Its aluminum base is thick and durable, while its non-stick ceramic coating makes cooking fun. Because it spread head evenly over food, for instance, people can cook delicious food in it fast. It is safe for most cooktops (induction, electric, and gas) and comes with a heavy-duty tempered glass lid. This pan is oven safe to 420 F. However, you can expose it lid to temperatures of up to 500 F without it shuttering to pieces.


  • Spacious 12-inch design
  • Tempered glass lid (500 F)
  • Thick aluminum base (420 F)
  • Non-stick ceramic coating
  • Works on most cooktops

4. DaTerra Cucina Vesuvio

DaTerra Cucina Vesuvio

With most low-grade cookware, the threat of introducing chemicals such as PFOE in food is high. Heavy metals such as lead and cadmium are also present in such cookware, which makes them unsafe. To keep your family safe, look for this healthy ceramic-coated DaTerra Cucina Vesuvio pack instead. They lack PFFE, cadmium, and lead. Made from a 3.7mm thick aluminum, they also have highly conductive bases that distribute heat evenly. They also have silicone-rimmed glass covers that contain heat well and deep (2.5 inches) pans that accommodate most foods. You can fry eggs in this pan. You can also stew chicken or steam vegetables in them without leeching nutrients. These recyclable pots have a 1-year warranty.


  • Recyclable aluminum
  • Deep pots (2.5-inches)
  • Silicone-rimmed covers (glass)
  • Healthy ceramic coating
  • Oven-safe to 450 F
  • Limited warranty (1-year)

3. GreenLife Soft Grip Set

GreenLife Soft Grip Set

GreenLife is a set of two soft grip ceramic pans measuring 7-inches and 10-inches. Apart from their calming turquoise theme, they are popular all over the world because of their performance. To own a set of fast heating pans, for instance, this is a suitable brand to buy. Reinforced with aluminum, their bases lack cold spots that can compromise your cooking experience. The material also has a durable design with cadmium, lead, PFOA, and PFAS-free ceramic coat. It is suitable for healthy cooking. GreenLife is a dishwasher safe brand. Its Bakelite handle is not only soft to touch but also oven safe to temperatures of up to 350 F. This set makes cooking fun.


  • Healthy ceramic (thermolon)
  • PFOE, cadmium, and lead-free
  • Oven-safe Bakelite handles (350 F)
  • Reinforced aluminum shell
  • Dishwasher-safe components

2. GreenPan Lima

GreenPan Lima

GreenPan Lima is a covered 12-inch frying pan with a transparent glass lid for monitoring food. The lid also contains heat well and has a sturdy structure made using a shutter-resistant tempered glass. Its healthy ceramic (thermolon) is another of its desirable attributes. Unlike some cheap ones that chip or tarnish easily, its longevity is desirable. Furthermore, because it lacks toxins and pollutants such as PFOE, it is a reputable pan for healthy cooking. GreenPan Lima is oven-safe to 420 F. Its contoured stainless steel handle is not only sturdy (riveted) but also comfortable to use.


  • Healthy Thermolon ceramic
  • Stainless steel handle (riveted)
  • Transparent glass lids
  • Lacks toxins and pollutants
  • Non-stick cooking surface (12 inches)

1. Ozeri Stone Earth Pan

Ozeri Stone Earth Pan

Stone is a durable and all-natural substance that retains heat for a long time. Moreover, due to its non-stick surface, it cuts down oil use significantly without altering the taste of food. This pan from Ozeri offers these benefits. Even though heavier than most brands in top 8 ceramic frying pan reviews in 2019, it boasts a scratch-resistant coating without PFOE or APEO. Its magnetized aluminum base (die-cast) is compatible with induction stovetops, while its silicone coated handle is heat resistant. Exposed to temperatures of over 300 F, the risk of it burning out is slim to none.


  • Durable German-made pot
  • Scratch-resistant stone coating
  • Magnetized aluminum base
  • PFOE and APEO free parts

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