Top 10 Hospital Bedside Tables Reviews In 2020

Hospital bedside tables are very convenient as a temporary or permanent workspace. Accordingly, since they come in many sizes and styles it is possible to pick one to fit a specific requirement. For example, a hospital-style bed may need a taller table with a wider top while a living-room couch will prefer it to be smaller. In addition, there are some tables that swivel and others that can fold up and be placed in storage. As you will see below it is easy to find one to match any need.

10. Sogesfurniture height adjustable sofa side table

Sogesfurniture height adjustable sofa side table

The height adjusts from 21.7 to 31.5 inches while the tabletop is a nice 23.6 by 15.7 inches. There is also a shelf and a conveniently placed magazine rack. The wheels are lockable and it can hold up to 60 pounds.


  • The table is deeper than most which will make it more comfortable when using a computer or writing in a notebook.
  • It can also easily slide under a low clearance bed or sofa.

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9. Lumex modern overbed table with wheels

Lumex modern overbed table with wheels

This table can extend from 28 inches to 41 inches. The 15 by 28-inch table has a raised edge to catch spills and two formed cup insets. Likewise, the composite surface won’t peel or crack making it easy to maintain. It also has a large lever that requires little effort to adjust the height. The wheels move easily over any surface and are lockable. Overall, the table can hold up to 50 pounds and is very stable thus preventing tipping.


  • Practical and easy to use the table is a great choice for those requiring a surface to contain messy tasks or use a laptop.
  • Indeed, considering the height it is perfect for use with taller hospital-style beds.

8. Garwarm sofa side end table

Garwarm sofa side end table

The size of this table is a nice 19.7 by 13.8 inches. Although its 23-inch height is not adjustable it is a comfortable level to be used with a couch or chair. In addition, there is a cloth magazine holder attached at mid-level that is also easy to reach. The table can also hold up to 45 pounds and the casters will roll smoothly across any surface.


  • More fashionable than some of the other tables, this unit will fit in very well with the current living room or bedroom décor.
  • Moreover, it’s stable construction will also allow it to be used as an end table to hold a lamp or wheel it to different rooms.

7. Siducal end table

Siducal end table

The top on this table is 11.8 by 18.9 inches while the bottom contains a wire mesh that can be used as storage. The height can extend from 22 inches to In addition, there is a wire magazine rack halfway up the legs that is easy to reach. The easy-to-roll wheels are lockable but can also be removed.


  • The all-black finish is stylish and has a sleek modern look that coordinates with existing furniture.
  • Furthermore, the convenient magazine rack places your favorite reading material within arm’s reach.

6. TigerDad tilting overbed table with wheels

TigerDad tilting overbed table with wheels

The table is split in two with a 360-degree tilting desktop that is 18.5 by 15.7 inches and a static mouse pad that measures 9.1 by 15.7 inches. The desktop can be adjusted to allow access for left- and right-hand users and will hold up to 22 pounds. The height is also adjustable from 23.6 inches to 37.4 inches. Additionally, the caster wheels can be locked.


  • This fully adjustable hospital bedside table is great as a workspace and is ergonomically comfortable.
  • One of the best features is that the mouse pad table is big enough to hold both a mouse and a cup of tea.

5. Qwork side table

Qwork side table

The height is extendable from 22 to 30 inches while the tabletop measures 11.83 by 18.9 inches. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to hold up to 66 pounds. There is a conveniently placed wire magazine rack attached to legs and a wire mess shelf on the bottom for additional storage. The wheels will glide easily over any surface and can lock.


  • Easy to fit into small areas this table is the perfect size for a snack or using an iPad.

4. Table Mate II Folding TV tray table

Table Mate II Folding TV tray table

The table measures15 by 21 inches and can hold up to 40 pounds. The height is adjustable and easily moves from 21.75 to 29.25 inches. In addition, the table can fold up for storage. The legs slide effortlessly across the floor without wheels making it move. Moreover, the cup holder keeps your beverage safe while you work.


  • Available in four different finishes this tray table is easy to use around existing furniture.
  • Purchase several and store them under the couch for guests.

3. SogesPower adjustable laptop table

SogesPower adjustable laptop table

Very durable and designed to last the SogesPower Adjustable Laptop Table is constructed of heavy-duty, powder-coated metal. The tabletop is a generous 15.7 by 23.6 inches and the height can be adjusted from 21.7 to 31.5 inches. Additionally, there is a solid shelf on the bottom. The wheels are sturdy and can be locked.


  • This table fits nicely next to a sofa or the bed.
  • Consequently, it is perfect for working on a laptop, crafting or eating a tasty meal.
  • Furthermore, it is available in black, oak and white maple thus making it easy to fit in with the décor.

2. Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed table

Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed table

The large tabletop is split into two sections. A large 23.5 by 15.5-inch section can be tilted and the smaller 7.75 by 15.5 inch remains fixed and can function as a convenient place for a mouse or beverage. Also, a lip on the edge prevents items from sliding off when tilted. The height adjusts from 25.5 to 38 inches with the added benefit that the single leg can be folded forward thus increasing ergonomic function.


  • With the ability to fold up and store the table it’s possible to easily keep it out of sight when not needed.
  • It is perfect for using in bed or while sitting on the couch. Or conversely, place a chair in front of it and use it as a desk.

1. Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table

Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table

The swivel top on this table allows it to move a full 360 degrees thus making it easy to pull closer or push away. It is 20 by 15 inches and holds 30 pounds. The height is adjustable from 24 to 32 inches. In addition, the base can also be adjusted from 25 to 35.5 inches for further customization. There are also a few optional accessories such as a cup holder, base tube organizer, and utensil organizer.


  • Its adjustability makes it easy to keep the table next to a couch or bed because only the top needs to move.
  • As a result, the base can remain where it is.
  • This makes it easier to organize a workspace while in bed or in the living room.

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