Top 8 Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Reviews In 2020

Whey protein has played a key role in the fitness routines of professionals and everyday Joes for years now. It is one of the most preferred sources of protein for many reasons. First, the concentrated formula on offer is taint free. During professional competitions, you do not have to worry about judges flagging you for cheating. Variants such as hydrolyzed whey are even better. In this product, you get a rich supply of broken down peptides that absorb faster and better into the body. This is beneficial in many ways. If you struggle to build body mass and maintain it for long, this is the product for you. Its users can build muscle over twice as fast as individuals who use natural sources of protein such as chicken.

8. BNRG Proto Whey (Double Chocolate)

BNRG Proto Whey (Double Chocolate)

Whey is an excellent source of protein for bodybuilders and individuals who want to increase muscle mass. However, because of its popularity, people have come up with many fake products that do more harm than good. To avoid being a victim, always look for an acclaimed brand such as BNRG Proto. This whey protein has a delicious double chocolate taste. If you are tired of the bitter concoctions you drink to stay in shape, this is a better product to use. Moreover, each contains 2.1 pounds of exceptional nutrition. Its powdered formula is rich in both tripeptides and DI (over 40%). Per scoop, you also get EAAs (10 grams), protein (20 grams), and digestion enhances that boost its absorption. With BNRG Proto, your sessions will be special.


  • Double chocolate flavor
  • Large container (2.1 pounds)
  • Rick in EAAs and DTP
  • Tripeptide technology

7. True Nutrition (Milk)

True Nutrition (Milk)

Whey proteins from True Nutrition are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. If you are not allergic to milk, for instance, this 1-pound tub will satisfy your needs. The ultra-grade powder on offer is fine and easy to reconstitute. With one or two scoops in your shaker, all you have to do is add milk and shake it to make a smooth lump-free drink. Moreover, because of its hydrolyzed nature, this is a fast-absorbing whey protein. This makes it perfect for muscle building. It will also help you to recover faster after a workout without the jittery side effects that low-grade brands induce.


  • Blends smoothly with milk
  • Palatable vanilla taste
  • Fast-absorbing protein
  • Portable 1-pound package
  • Rich in tri and di-peptides
  • Antibiotic and hormone-free

6. Mirón Protein Powder

Mirón Protein Powder

Because of our naivety, most of us buy and use products from unknown sources. The result is usually irritation or failure of enrolment into a competition because of tainted supplements. Mirón Protein Powder is from a reputable source. For years, the company has produced this collagen-rich protein powder from the products of pasture-raised and grass-fed cows. This makes it a suitable keto and paleo supplement for individuals who are looking to build muscles. Mirón is an unflavored product. You can reconstitute it in soup or water in minutes. Moreover, its third-party-tested formula can improve tooth, gut, joints, and skin, and hair health naturally. It does not contain additives or preservatives that can harm your stomach. This 16-ounce package has 41 servings, each offering around 10 grams of protein.


  • 41 servings (16 ounces)
  • Non-GMO paleo protein
  • Third-party tested product
  • Unflavored collagen peptides
  • Each serving has 10 grams of protein

5. BodyBuilding.Com Signature Powder

BodyBuilding.Com Signature Powder is a signature protein powder for bodybuilders. If you have dreamed of having bulky and well-toned muscles for some time now, you are in luck. This fine powder consists of two whey isolates for recovery and for the growth of muscles. Both are fast absorbing and filtered to remove fats, carbohydrates, and lactose. They also have a smooth vanilla and chocolate flavor, which interests many people. If you cannot withstand the bitter and highly concentrated isolates that most people use, but this one. Add one scoop in six ounces of fruit juice, milk, or water to make a soothing and energizing drink. Its hydrolyzed muscle-building amino acids absorb very fast.


  • Leak-proof container (three pounds)
  • Mixes with milk, juice, or water
  • Smooth vanilla and chocolate flavor
  • Lacks carbs, fats, and lactose
  • Fast-absorbing amino acids

4. NAR LABS Whey Isolate

NAR LABS Whey Isolate

The value of a whey protein powder is in the quality of the ingredients used to produce it. NAR LABS has taken this to the extreme. Each scoop of this banana-flavored powered contains over 27 grams of ultra-high-quality isolated of whey protein (hydrolyzed). Used as directed, its benefits in the body are tremendous. First, by inhibiting catabolism, it helps people to lose fat naturally. You will also build lean muscle and notice an improvement in your athletic ability in just weeks. This is a no sugar and no-fat product. Moreover, instead of cholesterol and lactose, you get glutamine peptides, BCAAs, and free form amino acids in a delicious package. These boost health.


  • Long-lasting 2-pound container
  • Delicious banana flavor
  • Fortified with amino acids
  • No lactose, fat, or sugar
  • Each scoop has 27 grams of protein

3. MUSCLE FOOD LABS (Vanilla Bean)


MUSCLE FOOD LABS is a 100% hydrolyzed (pure) whey protein powder for muscle repair and development. If your slack in the gym has caused your muscles to waste away, this is a recommended remedy. The protein isolate that you get is 100% pure. It has not undergone acid treatment, heat treatment, or ion exchange. It is also fine and fortified with minerals such as l-glutathione, BCAAs, and amino acids that develop and re-energize the body. Over time, you will feel like a new man or woman. You will also have an easy time preparing for your gym sessions because of its ease of use. Each scoop of MUSCLE FOOD LABS powder mixes instantly with milk or water.


  • Does not contain additives
  • Fortified with minerals
  • Pure (100%) protein powder
  • Stevia sweetening
  • 30g protein per serving

2. MuscleTech Premium

MuscleTech Premium

This premium version of the MuscleTech whey protein powder contains fast-absorbing peptides that aid in muscle development. Packed with 24 grams of whey per serving, its quality is amazing. You do not have to drink many servings per day to reach your daily requirement of proteins. Moreover, because you are getting a micro filtered product, it lacks lactose and fats, which gym enthusiasts consider junk. Finally, in terms of taste, this product is among the best in its class. Its double rich chocolate flavor pops whether you mix it with milk or water. Muscle building should not be a pain.


  • Rich chocolate flavor (double)
  • 24g protein per serving
  • Long-lasting 2.23-pound tub
  • Fast-absorbing peptides (whey)
  • Fully disclosed ingredients

1. Dymatize ISO 100

Dymatize ISO 100

Packaged in a 5-pound container, Dymatize ISO 100 is a long-lasting product. Moreover, because of its premium powder, it currently is the product of choice for many professionals. You will love its fast-absorbing whey isolates. They do not irritate nor upset the stomach. Leucine (2.7 grams) and BCCAs (5.5 grams) are in abundance per serving. Finally, its lactose and gluten-free formula have a delicious gourmet chocolate flavor that all its users enjoy.


  • Gourmet chocolate flavor
  • Rich in leucine and BCCAs
  • Fast absorbing isolates
  • Lactose and gluten-free

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