Top 10 Metal Laser Cutting Machines Reviews In 2020

A laser cutting machine is used for cutting sheet metal, metal tubes, pipes, or metal plates. This type of machine is used in manufacturing metal fabrications, in schools, and many small businesses. Industries that utilize such a machine are aviation, electronics, ships, or any industry that makes metal operating parts. There are also many private home shops that design metal signs and incorporate the use of a metal laser cutting machine. Some of the factors involved in choosing a laser cutting machine include the intended function, the bed or table size will determine how much work you will be able to do, ease of use, optical quality, and also how much power you need for your projects. We have done much of the research for you by listing the features and advantages of the top ten metal laser cutting machines.

10. CNC Laser Engraving Machine

CNC Laser Engraving Machine

For the do it yourself metal machinist comes the perfect sized laser and cutting machine. With the ability to carve and engrave many items such as phone cases, plastic, woods, bamboo, and many others, this laser cutting machine is small enough for the home shop or large enough for the small business. This CNC model has been upgraded in design, ease of use and accuracy. You will love the power of this compact laser cutter that gives you accuracy and precision when you need it.


  • Full set of spare parts for the engraver
  • An adapter and USB connection
  • Goggles and protective eyewear
  • Instruction manual
  • Disc to show installation and operation

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9. CNC Pro DIY Logo Laser

CNC Pro DIY Logo Laser

For the true do it yourself, this is a compact, yet powerful designed laser engraving machine. With an intensely accurate positioning ability, this laser engraver has the capability of carving most types of material. Equipped with more power and greater speed, and an engraving area of six inches in any direction, the CNC Pro DIY Logo laser is the one for your shop. You can enable it to do most all picture formats also. Reflective materials must first be covered with one coat of black paint. Included with the laser engraver are many other beneficial features.


  • Green glasses
  • Cable and USB disk
  • Instruction manual

8. CNC Laser Engraving Print Machine

CNC Laser Engraving Print Machine

With a classic 40cm x 50cm size, this laser engraver and printing machine are able to handle most any material you choose. Bamboo, leather, flammable materials, or paper, none are too much of a challenge for this workhorse. The modulated laser head has been given protection by the use of an auxiliary fan. The CNC laser print and engraving machine can work with most picture formats on the Windows system. This CNC machine is designed for the true artist in you.


  • DIY kit parts for the CNC Laser machine
  • USB cable
  • Power supply cord
  • One pair of safety goggles

7. Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver

Uttiny DIY Cylindrical Engraver

Here is a phenomenal little engraver that works on cylindrical objects such as steel cans. The engraving area is 100x200mm, giving you plenty of engraving area. The head of this engraving machine is adjustable enabling you to adjust the focal area. Uttiny has designed this engraving machine to work on most picture formats. This compact piece of equipment is ideal for the home shop, not bulky but powerful enough to get the job done. This DIY engraver cannot be used on any flammable objects.


  • Operates on the Windows system
  • Complete kit for ease of assembly
  • One pair of safety goggles

6. CNC DIY Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

CNC DIY Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

Here is the perfect desktop engraving machine for the shop or a do it yourself hobbyist. This beauty can and will work on most types of material including bamboo, paper, and wood. With a common 40x50cm engraving area, it is made out of aluminum and acrylic. Please keep in mind that the 500MW only has the engraving ability. The 2500 and 5500 are the machines that allow for cutting. Along with the assembly guide and video, this package will include the following:


  • All kit parts to assemble the machine
  • USB cable
  • Power supply cord
  • One pair safety goggles
  • Flash Memory Disk
  • User manual with free disk

5. 3000MW Laser Engraver

3000MW Laser Engraver

Here is an upgraded laser engraver perfect for those who enjoy the art of engraving. Engraves on most materials such as plastic and wood, as well as wood and more. This is an easy to install assembly and has a cutting area of 20x29cm. This is a great machine for beginners or lovers of this art. The 3000MW will work for most CNC purposes. All that is really needed is to tighten some screws and connect the data wires and lines. Complete with the smart red light technology to make positioning quick and accurate.


  • User manual
  • Video disk instructions
  • power supply cord
  • USB cable
  • Bluetooth control
  • Protective Safety glasses

4. Uttiny Laser Engraving Machine

Uttiny Laser Engraving Machine

This Uttiny Laser Engraving machine is the perfect desktop-style machine for those that enjoy engraving. With this piece of equipment, you have low light positioning, positioning capabilities, and grayscale printing. You have a larger than average printing area of 19×15 inches. This is heavy-duty and sturdy, made from acrylic and aluminum. The engraver is able to engrave a wide array of material from paper to rubber and most in between. Do not attempt to use transparent items, soft materials, or stone for engraving. Uttiny is supported by Windows and most picture formats.


  • Complete kit for assembly
  • Instruction manual disk
  • Safety glasses

3. KKMoon 20W Desktop Laser Engraver

KKMoon 20W Desktop Laser Engraver

KKMoon designed this desktop laser model to give professionals the ability to design with CAD and links cape software. This W20 is tops in cutting materials up to 8 mm in thickness. Multifunctional keys give the ability to work offline, quickly position or to start and stop the engraving process. The Windows operating system is supported by this desktop laser engraver. The 20W Desktop laser is capable of cutting metal and many other materials such as wood and paper.


  • Execution of most picture formats
  • USB adapter and power cord
  • User manual and whiteboard marker
  • Wrench
  • Brush
  • Protective eyewear

2. 20W Laser Cutter Portable Laser Engraving Machine

20W Laser Cutter Portable Laser Engraving Machine

This 20W Master laser is super fast at cutting materials up to 8 mm thick. The Master Laser and Engraving machine provides a large printing area and the ability to work offline. The multifunctional buttons make for ease of use and quick results. This is a full-featured machine that allows for most picture formats. With the ability to obtain thousands of engraving resources, this is the machine for professional or amateur.


  • NEJE Scanner for file sharing
  • Laser Power adjustment
  • Built-in sensor protection
  • Auto shut off safety mechanism to prevent injury and accident

1. Upgraded 3018 Pro GRBL Mini DIY CNC Router Kit

Upgraded 3018 Pro GRBL Mini DIY CNC Router Kit

In this upgraded version of the 5500mw, it gives the ability to work offline as well. This machine has a high laser engraving ability. Works with multiple picture formats. There is also laser focus for engraving fonts. You can work on almost all materials, except jade and hard metals or other hard materials. This model has a laser and a spindle motor. Please be safety aware and wear safety goggles. This machine gives the ability for professionals and amateurs alike.


  • 10 CNC bits
  • 4 CNC plates
  • Offline Controller
  • Complete engraving machine

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