Top 8 Rainbow Air Purifiers Reviews In 2020

Making your living space, bedroom and any other part of your home or office look pleasant with fresh air, you can always use the rainbow air purifiers for fresh air and breathtaking fragrance. A rainbow air purifier collects all the dirt, allergens bacteria, and any other impurities from the air to release the fresh air with pleasant aroma for breathing. You find that they come to a different design and here are the Top 8 rainbow air purifier that will help you in making a choice

8. EcoGecko Little Squirt

EcoGecko Little Squirt

For those of us looking for something great to improve their homes and give a little to the sensation of rainbow fragrance, then you can always purchase the EcoGecko Little Squirt. It is the perfect rainbow air purifier that comes as an air Revitalizer including the two bottles of the lavender oil each containing 10 ml. It helps you in washing your home to look naturally impressive while using water only. You only need to pour a few drops in the water you use, clean the room and your space will smell naturally great to attract everyone who comes in. It uses an adaptor charger provided with a height of 5 inches where it is also versatile as you can uses in offices, home, and anywhere else that you want a perfect smell.


  • Comes in 2 10 ml lavender oil bottles
  • Natural fragrant smell
  • Use in the cleaning water
  • Makes your space smell perfect
  • Use USB to charge
  • Height of 5 inches
  • Versatile for use anywhere

7. Rainbow RainMate, Illuminated

Rainbow RainMate, Illuminated

If you want your home to smell excellent and perfect, then you can consider purchasing the Rainbow RainMate, Illuminated. You will notice that the units come with 2 LED lights which offer a brilliant appearance by illuminating the water thus producing the rainbow and the pleasant smell that makes your space look amazing and enticing so that everybody can appreciate it. The unit aroma helps in relieving allergy and also the asthma signs to individuals who may have the conditions. It deodorizes the air while freshening the space so that you can live in a brilliant space that offers the most adorable living environment. You won’t experience the smell of smoke and the cooking smell any longer.


  • Comes with LED lights
  • Prevents asthma and allergies
  • Deodorizes and freshens your space
  • No cooking smell and smoking anymore
  • The water traps odor and the dust

6. U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer

U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer

Whenever you want to make you the most attractive and perfect place that gives the most conducive environment, then you can buy the U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer. It is an exclusive aromatizer that you will find in the market that removes all the odors from stale in the stagnant space. You notice that it is excellent that uses a motorized system that stirs the water and oils to release some humidity and great scents into the surrounding atmosphere. The system has the efficiency to dirt stale air where the antibacterial oil traps all the dirt, contaminants while delivering a cool, humid, and scented air out for maximum efficiency. You also notice that it comes with amazing LED lights that offer a brilliant look to your home where it comes with a table to plug and three bottles.


  • Deodorant and aromatizer
  • Uses a motorized system for efficiency
  • Adds the greatest scent into the atmosphere
  • Traps all the dirt
  • Delivers a cool, humid and scented air out
  • Colored LED lights
  • Covers 700 sq feets

5. HEPA Air Purifier

HEPA Air Purifier

Whenever you want your home to have the perfect smell and fragrance, it is good that you buy the HEPA Air Purifier. It comes with four side air intake system that uses a highly efficient DC motor that offers fast purification of air thus releasing clean and fresh air so fast to release pure and fresh air in the room. It is versatile and can cover rooms up to 320 sq feet. It comes in a unique design that operates quietly thus offering high efficiency with an auto-shutoff that enables power consumption. It works with three timer controls that provide you high efficiency so that you can set and get your home ready with fresh and clean air when you come in. You can switch on the UVC light to kill viruses and bacterias in your room.


  • Uses four air intakes
  • Fast purification enabled by the strong DC motor
  • Cover rooms up to 320 sq feet
  • Absorbs all air impurities
  • Operates quietly
  • Optional UVC light

4. New Rainbow Rainmate Il Air Freshener

New Rainbow Rainmate Il Air Freshener

Whenever you are searching for an exclusive rainbow purifier, you can always purchase the New Rainbow Rainmate Il Air Freshener. It comes with 2 LED lights that illuminate the water so that you can easily use it at night time. The purifier relieves asthma and allergy problems thus promoting a healthy living environment. The purifier can sit comfortably on the floor, desktop and countertop. It uses water to trap dust, impurities, odor when releasing fresh air, sanitizes, and provides the best environment for you to live. You find that it can also produce therapy aroma sensation when you add some concentrated fragrances into the water thus promotes a sweet fresh smell into the atmosphere.


  • LED lights that illuminate the water
  • Two light settings
  • Alleviates asthma and allergy signs
  • Traps all impurities, dust, and odors
  • Therapy aroma
  • Simple to use using the on/off switch

3. VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier

Whenever you want a fresh home and looking pretty, then you can always purchase the VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier. It is a premium rainbow air purifier that collects over 99% impurities including allergens and dust, dander, bacteria, and anything harmful in the air. The HEPA uses carbon prefilters that offers high efficiency with nano charcoal technology that provides fresh and clean air scented for fresh breath. It is one of the most efficient rainbow air purifiers that use a filter system that brings back value your money as it can last for a long while providing high performance. It is affordable where you only need to change the filters after six months. It comes in a sleek design with invention features where you can place it anywhere and also effectively use the 3 stage fan.


  • Premium quality HEPA
  • Collects up to 99% air impurities
  • Uses carbon prefilters
  • Nano charcoal technology
  • Replace filters after six months
  • The fan has 3 stage range

2. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

If you always want something cool that can make your home to stay fresh every day, then you can purchase the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier. It uses high-quality HEPA filters that collect over 99% od all air impurities including smoke, and pet danders, pollen, allergies, and any other unwanted contamination. It has the unique AOC carbon filter that features carbon granular which is easy to use and also use again. It has a plasma wave used as a permanent filter to remove chemicals, allergens, and any other impurities. Its ozone is friendly with smart tech gauge sensors that offer high efficiency and accurate readings where you can easily adjust depending on the time and the level of the air inside your room.


  • Collects over 99% air impurities
  • Uses AOC carbon filter and HEPA filters
  • Includes plasma wave cat
  • Ozone friendly
  • Smart tech gauge sensors
  • Covers rooms of up to 360 square feet

1. LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

Your home and living environment looks better when you make all the efforts to make it look better. This is the time you need to consider purchasing the LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier. It comes in a unique design that features a 3 stage air filtration system that offers high efficiency. It removes over 99% of all impurities including pet dander, smoke, dust, allergies, bacteria, and any other pollutants. The rainbow air purifier offers high efficiency as it provides you maximum control where you can use a three-speed setting including low, medium, and high depending on your needs. The purifier operates quietly where you can effectively sleep over the night and also set the two-level brightness for use during the night while receiving fresh air. It is suitable for small rooms and also affordable when replacing filters and also simple regular maintenance.


  • 3 stage air filtration system
  • HEPA and activated carbon filters
  • Exclusive design
  • 3-speed control setting
  • Operates quietly
  • Two light settings


These are the Top 8 rainbow air purifier where you need to consider all the factors and your needs so that you can select the best one for your needs. Don’t live home with unpleasant odor but purchase one of these rainbow air purifiers that provides fresh air with peasant smell for you to live comfortably.

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