Top 10 Best Snow Blowers Battery Powered Reviews In 2019

In winter, it can be very cumbersome for you because of accumulation of snow. It falls everywhere and it can sabotage movement, particularly if it falls on the driveway or pathways. To get rid of it, you need a snow blower so that movement can be facilitated. These are some of the best snow blowers that you will find in the market.

List Of Snow Blowers Battery Powered Reviews

10. Topnotch ION18SB Snow Joe Blower


This is the best of all because of its powerful model and capacity to yield the desired performance. It is not only effective but also of high quality and very convenient.

Advantages Of Product

  • It weighs 32 pounds
  • It moves 500 pounds of snow in one minute
  • It is very efficient in pathways, driveways and sidewalks
  • It is ETL approved
  • It charges completely within 2 hours
  • It runs up to 50 minutes
  • It has large wheels and ergonomics handle
  • It uses a 40V battery
  • It clears snow with a width of 18 inches
  • It is silent, efficient, convenient and reliable. It has LED headlights to facilitate you when working at night and it is cordless.

9. Looking at EGO Reliable SNT2100 Snow Blower


Efficiency and convenience in machines is what everyone looks for. The manufacture had that in mind and therefore, they created a very powerful and a topnotch machine of an impressive performance.

Advantages Of Product

  • It does not have cords and it is very powerful
  • It is silent and it does not emit fuss and fumes
  • It uses 2 lithium batteries of EGO 56V ARC
  • It is very efficient and it incorporates a brushless motor
  • It throws snow up to 35 feet when clearing it
  • It has a 180 degrees rotation
  • You can use it very efficiently both at night and during the day, because it has two LED lights.
  • It is very strong and powerful.

8. High Quality PowerSmart 40V Snow Blower


This is a renowned and efficient snow blower that has a topnotch performance. Its quality is quite impressive because the manufacturer had designed it to be a satisfactory machine for you.

Advantages Of Product

  • It makes a whooping 2200 rpm while clearing a depth of 11 inches and a width of 18 inches
  • It turns around very efficiently at 180 degrees
  • It throws snow for a distance of 30 feet when clearing
  • It has a 40V(4.0) battery that runs continuously for 25 minutes
  • It does not need any gas, oil and it has no cords. It is reliable because it does not damage the driveway or sidewalks when clearing.

7. Efficient ION8024-XR Snow Joe Blower


When you wake up and even fail to locate where the drive and the pathways are because of the loads and loads of snow that have covered them, you just have to use this snow blower champion.

Advantages Of Product

  • It is a two stage and self propelled snow blower
  • It is revolutionary powered
  • It has a digital drive 4 speed system
  • Has an integrated LED display that comprises speed, battery levels, and direction
  • It uses two batteries of 40 volts and 5.0 Ah
  • This device is very powerful and efficient. The manufacturer has designed it to give satisfactory services in a reliable way.

6. Reliable 40V LCSB2140 Snow Blower


Convenience is vital in clearing snow and the manufacturer has incorporated features that enable this snow blower to perform excellently. Its performance is excellent and quite impressive.

Advantages Of Product

  • For a quick start up, this machine has a push button
  • It has a brushless motor technology
  • It operates using two 2.5 Ah of 40V lithium batteries
  • Has a 21 inch wide rubber auger for clearing snow
  • It rotates up to 180 degrees
  • It throws snow up to 20 feet
  • Efficiency and reliable performance are the most outstanding features of this machine.
  • It is renowned for its exemplary mode of working to ensure that you are not sabotaged.

5. Fine SN74014 Earthwise Snow Blower


With this high quality device, you will be worry free because you know that you are well equipped. This snow blower makes it very efficient for you to blow snow away in a moment.

Advantages Of Product

  • It moves up to 300 pounds of snow in a minute
  • It throws snow up to a whooping 30 feet
  • It cuts a width of 14 inches and a depth of 8 inches
  • Has a 40 Volt battery (4Ah) that comes together with a charger
  • It is a high quality device that has a 2 year warranty and it is not only efficient but also convenient.

4. ION24SB-XR Snow Joe 80V Snow Blower


With this snow blower, you will clear snow on your sidewalks and drive ways within a short time. It is very efficient and effective because of its powerful motor.

Advantages Of Product

  • It moves up to one thousand pounds of snow in one minute
  • It cuts a path of 24 inches wide and 13 inches deep
  • It incorporates LEDs that indicate speed selection and direction
  • It has a push button display
  • It has 2 rechargeable Lithium ion batteries of 40V each
  • It does not damage the surface
  • It is a high quality, powerful and warranted machine that is not efficient but also very effective in snow blowing.

3. Awesome Snow Joe 40 Volt Snow Blower


With this snow blower you will never fail to get to work on time because of being blocked by snow on your drive way. It is very efficient and you do the clearing work within a very short time.

Advantages Of Product

  • It is cordless; easy and quick snow pick ups on all surfaces
  • Has 500W brushless motor
  • It moves 300 pounds of snow in one minute
  • Has a rechargeable 40V lithium ion battery with 4.0 Ah
  • Has a dual blade paddle auger
  • It makes snow clearing very efficient for you by throwing it up to 25 feet.
  • Moreover, it cuts up to 13 inches wide and six inches deep.

2. Superb Greenworks PRO Snow Blower


With this snow blower you will be sure that clearing snow will be very easy and convenient for you. It is a high quality machine that is efficient and effective in enhancing the convenience of paths and drive ways in your compound and elsewhere.

Advantages Of Product

  • It clears a depth of up to 10 inches of snow
  • It has 180 degree rotation
  • It is easily folded to store it
  • It is silent and very efficient in snow clearing
  • It runs for up to 45 minutes with a 2.0Ah battery
  • With this superb snow blower, you will be sure of having clear drive and pathways within a short time, and they will be well done.

1. Looking at Snow Joe ION18SB Snow Blower


You no longer have to continue entertaining the jeopardy that is brought about by snow to your home. When you buy this blower, it clears the snow very well for you and that enables you to move around freely.

Advantages Of Product

  • It has a paved type of clearing the surface
  • It is not heavy because it weighs just 32 pounds
  • It is efficient in clearing sidewalks, decks and driveways
  • It rotates at a 180 degrees
  • It moves 495 pounds of snow in one minute
  • It has no carbon emissions, pull cords, tune ups, tangled extensions and it does not damage the surface.


All these are high quality snow blowers that have an impressive performance. You just have to go for one depending with your tastes and preferences, and all the snow equations will be solved for you satisfactorily.

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